Deadly Phine

Author: Darrell King
Published By: Darrell King Productions
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Deadly Phine" by Darrell King was a believable story that had one true
thought in the end and that is AIDS and HIV is a serious virus that is deadly and was a intentional spread of one of the worse diseases ever!  I found this novel that was told in two parts...all  very educational in more  than one way
that truly left you saying OMG and Wow!  This was sort of what I thought when I heard about the Tuskegee Oklahoma experiment from 1932-1972.  Why? This is certainly a subject that many of  us are afraid to address and that we should all be aware of. Why?  Unprotected sex is deadly! Mr. King did a wonderful job  providing us with informational facts about this deadly virus? I really like how this author opened up each chapters with a true "occurrences...some  of people purposely infecting others with this HIV/AIDS virus" and even telling us of Brian Stewart "who intentionally infected his son with this virus because He did not want to pay child support." Now, can you believe that?  This novel definitely gives you a very "realistic look at this epidemic that has plagued the person that has had unprotected sex and now wished they hadn't."

The novel will take you from Virginia, Washington DC, California to Puerto Rico and back. There will be a lots of twist and turns that you may not see coming but if you stick with all come out and you may be left wondering just how many Lucian Valentino's are out there in our world because one has been blinded my smooth talk and supposed love.  Now, I hope you are asking just what is this "Deadly Phine" is  all about... because you can only find out by picking up this good read and find out just who is  this Larry a.k.a Lucien Octavius Valentino (who knowingly goes around infecting women with this deadly disease) ....and just what else he brings to this read.  Get ready for a  good read that will only leave you asking...will there be another sequel to "Deadly Phine?"  There were some very interesting characters in this read...some I did liked and others I was left saying OMG  I don't believe this!

"Deadly Pine" is a interesting, intriguing  page turner...full of terror, crime and drama.  After reading this novel you are able to see how this story has a "terrifying reality that many people do not take safe sex serious and without this basic communication, one could fall victim to someone else's bad choices."

The ending will give you cause to think and be aware of that pretty face with all
of those materialistic things...and even a  smooth talker.  Yes, I did like this read and and found it very informative.  I would definitely recommend "Deadly Phine" as a excellent read.


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