Thy Neighor: A Novel

Author:  Norah Vincent
Published By: Viking Adult
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  ArlenaDean
Rating: 4
Blog For: GMTA

"Thy Neighbor" by Norah Vincent was some read from the start to the  finish. There is a lot to absorb in this read from Nick Walsh. I found him truly a sad person...why?  Well apart from the fact that he was jobless,  his parents had died in a apparent murder-suicide at home....with him now spying on his neighbors with via spy cameras that he installed in their homes...only to discover that he is also being watched.  Then there is his home or in the local bar...why is that?   Nick has a friend Dave only if you can call it that and then there is a woman who enters his life...Monica...but was she a real girlfriend..what did he know about her? 

"Thy Neighbor" moves at a very slow pace until you are able to uncover just how these tragedies are put together with these weird characters and there will

be a whole lot of strangeness going on but in the end I thought it was different and definitely a original. I found it a hard novel to enjoy in that how this character was so unlikeable.. due to his cynical, disillusioned and so  deeply flawed.  However, why was he like this....this is where I say you must pick up this read and find out what this novel is all about.  Be prepared to be disturbed from the read that could make one uncomfortable...and some of the scenes were somewhat disgusting. This is not a quick read so be prepared. I am not saying this in a negative way...for it took me a while to get into this
storyline of its development of this particular human behaviour.

Now if you are interested in a different type of read you have come to the
right page.  I must say due to the subject matter  I would only recommend this to the adult audience due to its foul language and scatological content.


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