Author: Eliot Schrefer
Published By: Scholastic Press
Age Recommended: Teen, YA+
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 5


"Endangered" by Eliot Schrefer was quite some thrill of a read.  Truly the novel was a well written read  of the real issues of the 'terrifyingly real world of the Democratic Repuglic of the Congo.'  The story was of a young girl named Sophie(half white and half black) who was very responsible and courageous...a protagonist, and her journey to get away from violence that was all around her while she was protecting a bonobo(Otto). Now you may be asking just what is a 'Bonobo?'  As you read "Endangered" you will see how this heroine was able
to grow and even mature as she goes about to save this one bonobo all by herself.  I found this read a page turner because it was hard to put down until the very end.  This fast paced storytelling was simply off the chart good! In your read you will see just why saving the bonobos were so important. The author did a very good job at illustrating this relationship between the human and animals.  For Sophie will find 'love, friendship and compassion. "Endangered" is very emotional and a very intriguing story that will leave you saying 'Wow!'...what a good read only leaving you with the thought of those who ework with these 'Bonobos' are truly amazing people.

 With that being said...Yes, I would recommend this novel as a excellent read not only for the young...as a adult I really enjoyed this read.


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