Promises of Seduction

Author: Brenda Jackson
Published By: Harlequin
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5


"Promises of Seduction" by Brenda Jackson was another awesome romantic stories.  This was two classic Westmoreland series and a great love read and this is what can happen from a 'one night stand.'

The Durango Affair....

Savannah Claiborne (heroine)was a free lance photographer ...sister to she had found herself pregnant...she must inform the would he take it? She leaves Philadelphia for Montana to visit... Durango Westmoreland (hero)from Montana...was a of Chase and sister in law...Jessica.  What would happen when he found out about the baby?
Now what happens when two people who have been hurt in different ways by love will be able to find the everlasting love in each one. Now, we will have to see what will happen in this novel...and this is where I say you must pick up this awesome read to find out just what will happen between these two people!

and now...

Ian's Ultimate Gamble...Ian Westmoreland...would this person remain single even after seeing Ms. Chamberlain after she had once betrayed him?...

Brooke what was going on with them at this time? Now, again this is where I tell you in order to find out you must pick up the wonderful read to find out what is in store for Ian and Brooke?  For this author will keep you turning the pages till the end with such good writing.

As always,  Ms. Jackson produces such awesome read and I would definitely
recommend "Promises of Seduction" to you as a excellent read.


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