Mariah's Quest

Author: Sally Laity, Dianna Crawford
Published By: Barbour Books
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Book Blog For:  GMTA
Rating: 5

"Mariah's Quest" by the two authors..Sally Laity and Dianna Crawford was a beautiful Christan a historical romance. I found "Mariah's Quest" a very well written romance of she grows up..from England she comes to  the American colonies...only to be sold and really learns to rely on God.  The setting of this novel was a historical setting during the Revolutionary War era. "Mariah's Quest" starts out ..."with Mariah being sold into bond to a handsome young man(Colin) and taken to his families plantation" and this wonderful novel will continue to give the reader a some marvelous dialog read.  Be ready for Mariah to becomes a tutorer to Colin's three sisters...Colin then goes on a long trip to sell horses for his family...he goes to England and returns bringing her a  engagement ring for Mariah. ... then with war starting, not wanting to tell anymore...I want you to pick up "Mariah Quest" to see what all is happening in  this excellent read that will only  keep your interest until the very end. The real question will  be answered...Will Mariah and Colin finally  find a 'authentic love' that will prevail for them?  I really enjoyed how these authors entered the history into this novel..."a war with a young George Washington" ..along with
plantation owners, slaves...the French and Indian War and also indentured
servants.   Be ready for plenty of  drama, history, suspense and romance in this
novel.  The characters were all well developed after some time  and you will see emotions especially with Mariah, the three sisters and definitely the Ms. Cora Barclay.  I am sure you will see the why, what and who  during the read.
"Mariah's Quest" offered a definitely air of a Christian historian romance read that I would definitely recommend as a excellent read.  It is my understanding
that this novel was  a second in a series and I am certainly looking forward to   Book 3.


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