Author: TMonique Stephens
Published By: Soul Mate Publishing
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5


"Eternity" by TMonique Stephens was indeed a good mystery, 'Egyptian mythology,' and every bit of a romantic paranormal love story.  This was of a curse that kept Roman and Stella (Elyssian, his soul mate) for over 2000 years...and left him searching for her soul.  I found all of the characters that this author created for this novel was somewhat strong with emotional and in some delightful way offering such color and depth that can only be solved in such a mysterious suspenseful mystery way. "Eternity" was presented with many twist and turns that will only keep you interested in this well written read. Be ready for a well action packed novel that will not be dull in any way offering suspense, mystery..of a serial killer...and not to leave out real love and passion.  "The mind of the killer and his relationship to the Egyptian Gods is fed to you throughout the book giving you hints and teases along  the way as to who the killer may be."  This is where I will tell you that to find out the where, when, why and what of it all of this good novel ...  you must pick up "Eternity" to find out about this suspenseful mystery read.

With this being a start of a series for this author and I am sure that we will get even more of this world of mythology novels  and yes I would definitely recommend "Eternity" as a excellent novel for a great start.


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