Secrets & Lies 2

Author: Tracy J. Jones
Published By: T.J.
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Book Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 5

"Secrets & Lies 2 by Tracy J. Jones was a continuation journey of Ms Jones previous drama...'Secrets and Lies' which offered the reader some interesting family relationship  reading.  In this novel we find Bren now stay at home wife and mom...and she had started a "journal that would chronicle her family lineage, her and his, past and present, for the benefit of any and all future generations"... and Wow what she didn't find. As she travels with her baby to visit her home town... you will be caught up  on a journey with Bren, Ulanda, Trey,Kenny, Kenny III(Kian), John, Adrian, Camilla, Zack, Josh,  to Allyson on this wonderful trip.  I will not give any of this wonderful story out because I want you the reader to pick up "Secrets & Lies 2 to find out just what this read is all about.  Also, if you haven't picked up 'Secrets & Lies' you might want to do read it also.  Will Bren get all the information she wanted on this visit?  Ms. Jones did a great job with bringing to its reader some mystery, a lots of
compassion on this journey for only  Bren in the end will find some realism
with her life. 

I would recommend Secrets & Lies 2  as a excellent  read and especially her first book...'Secret & Lies' too! 


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