The Sanctuary

Author: Cara Cooper
Published By: Astraea Press 
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Blog For: GMTA
Rating: 4

"The Sanctuary" by Cara Cooper was a very pleasant story.  You will find 'love commitment, heartache and healing' in this well written novel.  All of the characters.. from  Kimberley, Scott, Celia, Anton, Grace, Simone, Zachary, Lauren, Mark, Dr. Carstairs, Florence to Joe...all... of these people made this a  wonderful read. The story starts with Kimberley inheriting a animal sanctuary
from her cousin...their you will find the donkey, fox and a rescued dog among others... troubled teenager...romance that would be threated...and a mystery from the past.  Now, to really get a understanding of it all you must pick up and read "The Sanctuary" that this author has provided.

If you are in for a good mystery and a heartwarming romance you have come to the right place and yes, I would recommend "The Sanctuary" as a good read.


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