A Holiday Serenade

Title:  The Holiday Serenade
Series: Dare Valley #4
Author:  Ava Miles
Published: A.M. Inc.
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"The Holiday Serenade" by Ava Miles was the fourth one of this author Dare Valley series. This was the story of Rhett and Abbie where we find Rhett trying to win back the love of his life. The story takes place in Dare Valley, Colorado during the Christmas holiday season.  What better time for these two...Rhett and Abbie to finally get together, however it wasn't a easy journey for them.  Why was this?  We find that Abbie had been hurt early on and she didn't want this to happen to her again. She was so determined that even though in her heart she wanted to be with Rhett  she felt she had to protect her son with all cost.  Why was that?  Will Abbie to able to resist what all Rhett has up his sleeve?  Would Abbie  be able to receive what she was afraid of from this 'Flashy Car Shark Rhett Butler Blaylock?'  The answers to all of these questions will be found from the read "The Holiday Serenade."  This author has written a good love story that will put a smile on your face as you read.  You will find yourself turning the pages and even laughing out loud.  So, if you want a sweet romance read during the holiday or anytime this read will do it for you.  Would I recommend?  YES! 

I loved  this song that was written for Abbie by Rhett...

Let your heart be filled with cheer, Darlin,' your Holiday Serenade is here.
It lets me tell you that I want you,  I want you, That you're my Christmas dream come true,  That I don't see anyone now but you. 
Let the snow fall on your thick, dark hair, Let the winter wind touch your cheek like I want to.  Come cozy up by the fire with me, Under the lights of our own Christmas tree.  Let me love you, Serenade you, My Christmas dream come true.


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