The Twilight Swimmer

By: A.C. Kavich
Published By: A.C.K.
Age Recommended: YA
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"The Twilight Swimmer" by A.C.Kavich was indeed a amazing YA read that I did enjoy and not being able to stop reading till the end.  I liked the description of this small New England sea town of Edgewater.  This novel had a good plot that will keep you interested...mermaids.  Losing a family member can be very hard as it was for this older sister Brandi, sixteen years old who was feeling so sad and alone until a visitor comes and this is where this story picks up...and I highly recommend that you pick up "The Twilight Swimmer" for a wonderful read.  Who is this stranger...will he have the 'key to unlocking how and why her sister had died?' I did like how this author was able to present such as intense read with such feeling and emotions that comes when there is a death of a child and a sibling.  With all of the 'sub plots' the reader is kept guessing right up till the very what imagination this author has! The characters were are very intriguing and well developed only helps to give this read a awesome read.  Be ready for some romance, drama, action, mystery, fantasy, with some twist and turns only to give the reader a intriguing well written novel that will leave  you guessing right up till the end.  This author has done a great job with this novel of giving the readers such a beautiful story of family and healing and I would recommend this novel to you as a good read. 


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