Looking at Rose

By: Qwillia Rain
Published By:  Loose Id LLC
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4
Series:  The Poker Posse #1

"Looking at Rose" by Qwillia Rain was a beautiful story of Rose and Ibraham.
Rose is the owner of her own 'sweet shop'...of candies, cakes and pastries, still living at home with her mom and  a twenty six year old virgin. We also  find Rose is tall, curvy and large...now who would be interested in this fascinating  beautiful woman?

Rose's mother and her friends wanted their daughters(Rose's friends) to find the right men so they went after a plot to make that happen forming 'The Poker Posse.' Now what did that mean....would you believe they started looking at the 'Omen, the local BDSM club that just happened to be the establishment next for to her daughters 'sweet shop.'  Would you  believe that at this same time the these daughters (Rose and her friends) were at the club where Rose's  mother show up and this turned out funny indeed!  Also Viola, (Rose's mom)we learn already a some life with this BDSM.  Surprised?  Will Rose and Ibraham be able to hit it off after that meet? Had Ibraham noticed Rose who worked next door?   How will Rose take to Ibraham kinkiness?  I liked out the author brought this out to the readers making this so very tastefully done.  There are a lots of characters in "Looking at Rose"  so you will have to keep up with it all being so well developed, rounded and even colorful.  This author really know how to keep your interest with these 'southern gals' with a 'kink or a kick.'  Now, if this is your genre you will want to pick up "Looking At Rose" because the author does a good job at giving the readers a well written story.  It will be very interesting to see what is next this author has for the rest of these funny ladies. 


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