Cassie's Hope

By: Adriana Kraft
Published By: B & B Publishing
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Cassie's Hope" by Adriana Kraft was a very charming story of how Cassidy O'Hanlon and Clint Travers come together. They were two people that you wouldn't think would take to each other...certainly after how they met but more and more as they were thrown together well it happed. How did all of this come about? Cassie was living on her own place in Chicago and her father ask a real big favor of her...stop her 'career for six months and train race horses.' We find from the read that Cassie's father had recently had a stroke and this was one thing he had always wanted to do after thinking this over Cassie does it! ...Yes, she leaves her job as a Social Worker there in Chicago, her friends for six months to do this wonderful thing for her beloved dad. Now, we find that Cassie meets not to her liking at this time.... Clint Travers who was a 'rancher/trainer.' There meeting wasn't the friendliest, however, there was something that immediately gets their attention? Will these two start a relationship? Clint has some baggage...and that is he has two children which he didn't reveal at the start of the relationship with Cassie. How will this and much more fit in with Cassie who has always said she did not want any children? Why was this? What had happen in her life that she desired no children? As the story moves on we find Cassie's horse 'Hope' is being drug and suspension has been placed on _____...really! who is really responsible and why is this happening? Will Cassie and Clint be able to solve this horse mystery and even more be able to put their differences aside enough to listen to each other especially after the fallout? You will find in "Cassie's Hope" that there are lots of twist and turns that will leave you saying I didn't see that one coming...And only in the end will we all get to see how this author was able to put this amazing read all together so well for her readers. This story gets into some twists that you will only understand all by picking up the wonderful read. Would I recommend? YES!


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