Cookies and Kisses By: Trish Perry, Debby Mayne, Cecelia Dowdy and Lynette Sowell

Book Description....

"Relax and enjoy these holiday love stories while you munch on a handful of delicious cookies made from the recipes at the end of each novella in this collection of contemporary romances set in Bethlehem, Connecticut. Four childhood friends keep their beloved holiday tradition of a sleepover and Christmas cookie exchange that they started as teenagers.

The love stories in Cookies and Kisses show how these four friends' lives have changed over the years and what motivates them when they meet the men who make them weak at the knees. Anna has a chance to pursue her dream career and the possibility of love, but at what cost? After years of a secret crush on the boy next door, Carly has to face some important realities that can alter the direction of her future. Kim's life is a mess, so she returns to Bethlehem to run the family bakery and runs into someone who dredges up some old feelings she thought she'd lost. Single mom Heather has to decide whether or not to let her daughter's father back into her life—and possibly into her heart."

Title:  Cookies and Kisses
Authors:  Trish Perry, Debby Mayne, Cecelia Dowdy and Lynette Sowell
Publisher:  Forget Me Not Romance, a division of Winged Publications
Series:  Cookies and Kisses
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"Cookies and Kisses" by authors: Trish Perry, Debby Mayne, Cecelia Dowdy and Lynette Sowell

My Thoughts....

Four beautifully written anthologies....

Love's First Stage by Trish Perry

Kissing Carly by Debby Mayne

Loving Luke by Cecelia Dowdy


A Recipe for Family by Lynette Sowell

All of these short stories took place in and around Bethlehem, Connecticut where four friends got  together every Christmas holiday for a sleepover bringing or/and making their homemade 'Christmas Cookies.

As the  story goes will tie into the next story starting with Anna, Kim, Carly and then last Heather...all childhood best friends.

Be ready for a wonderfully written short stories by each of these author that dealt with what was going on in these characters everyday life.  I really  loved how the authors were able to bring in the Christian view in such a way it was not overly done.  .

Add with that the wonderful recipes that were shared Chocolate Peppermint  Mint Bars, Holiday Gluten-Free Macaroons[I'm trying this one] and Vanilla Cookies.'  This was definitely a delightful holiday read that I would recommend to all.


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