Journey To Love By: LaCricia A'ngelle

Book Description...

"Wealthy, debonair bachelor Christian Tyler, a building contractor from Los Angeles, agrees to take on the task of building a youth center in the town of Bethany, Tennessee. Completely out of his element, and unaware of what lies ahead, Christian remains open minded as he uses his skill to pursue the philanthropic opportunity.

Shelby Lamar, the town’s self-proclaimed gold digger, sets her sights on the handsome new man in town. With a reputation for getting what she wants, Shelby stops at nothing in order to carry out her plan. A chance meeting at the grocery store provides her with enough information to get the ball rolling in her pursuit of adding Christian to her list of benefactors.

Unlike her former conquests, Christian does not easily bow down to her advances. What she finds in Christian is a lot more than her next mark. Will he be the one who teaches her the true meaning of love, or will he be blinded by her seduction and become her next victim?"

Title:  Journey To Love
Author:  LaCricia A'ngelle
Publisher:  His Pen Publishing
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Journey To Love" by LaCricia A'ngelle

My Thoughts....

This novel was beautifully written featuring Christian Tyler and Shelby Lamar.  I found the storyline very familiar with two souls wanting someone to love  in their life.  I liked how this author presented this story and in the end will both of these two got just want they wanted?  To find out you will have to pick up the sweet romance novel and see if they find their true love.  There would be some doubts as the secondary characters come into play  but as the reader keeps on reading they will see how well this author presents this situation so well to the readers.  The main issue was that we find from the read and  even in our everyday life is that one must be totally honest and truthful to each other for there to be trust and love. Now, I will say that was some ending that had me laughing hard!  Very well done by this author for a good read.


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