Ring in a Cowboy: Nine Sexy Cowboys from Bestselling Authors [by: Donna Michaels, Lexi Post, Victoria Vane ,Rhonda Lee Carver, Amanda McIntyre, Hildie McQueen, Kathleen Ball, Tori Scott and Gem Sivad]

Book Description....

"New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors Donna Michaels and Lexi Post are joined by seven award-winning authors to bring you nine sexy cowboys in this New Year's collection that will warm you from the inside out. Ring in a Cowboy."

Donna Michaels - Wine and Her New Year Cowboy (Book 4/Citizen Soldier Series) A Going no male resolution excludes cowboys.

Lexi Post - Trace’s Trouble: Last Chance Series #2 - A divorced cowboy, with nothing left but his pride, runs into trouble when he has to evict a feisty woman who understands animals better than humans and carries a Glock named Sal.

Kathleen Ball – A Kiss at Midnight - Will Anora accept Maverick’s Heart? Only a long awaited New Year’s kiss at midnight will tell him.

Rhonda Lee Carver- A New Year's Cowboy- Charlie has suffered tragedy, but a Christmas package offers hope and a cowboy.

Amanda Mcintyre - Lost & Found - Fate gives first love a second chance.

Hildie Mcqueen- New Year with You- A modern Cinderella type story with a humorous twist.

Tori Scott- Cowboy Masquerade - A New Year's Eve masquerade party reveals more than anyone expects.

Gem Sivad- Cowboy Burn- She slides down an icy road and lands in the arms of love.

Victoria Vane – A Cowboy’s Midnight Kiss – Almost the moment she arrives for a holiday at a renowned ski resort, recently divorced Cassidy Cantrell breaks a boot heel, sprains her ankle, and gets swept off her feet by a blue-eyed Wyoming Rancher.

Title: Ring In A Cowboy
Authors:    Donna Michaels,  Lexi Post, Victoria Vane,Rhonda Lee Carver, Amanda McIntyre,  Hildie McQueen,  Kathleen Ball, Tori Scott and Gem Sivad
Publisher By:  Vane Publishing
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Ring in a Cowboy: Nine Sexy Cowboys from Bestselling Authors" by: Donna Michaels,  Lexi Post, Victoria Vane, Rhonda Lee Carver, Amanda McIntyre,  Hildie McQueen,  Kathleen Ball, Tori Scott and Gem Sivad.

My Thoughts...

Nine beautifully well written 'sexy cowboy anthology collections' that you will find it hard to put down until you are at the end of the read.  I found all of these wonderful stories will make for a good read and especially during the Christmas/New Year holiday season.

We have a total of nine stories....

Wine and Her New Year Cowboy by Donna Michaels

Trace's Trouble:  Last Chance Series #2 by Lexi Post

A Kiss at Midnight by Kathleen Ball

A New Year's Cowboy by Rhonda Lee Carver

Lost and Found by Amanda McIntyre

New Year with You by Hildie Mcqueen

Cowboy Masquerade by Tori Scott

Cowboy Burn by Gem Sivad
A Cowboy's Midnight Kiss by Victoria Vane

Did I have a favorite anthology? ...well, no because they all were some good reading by some very interesting authors.  Be ready for a little bit of it all from..'no man resolution, a cowboy evicting a feisty woman, acceptance, tragedy, a second chance, Cinderella type story, masquerade party reveal, love coming from a slide down a icy road and a divorced lady meets up with a Wyoming Rancher.'
Also,  be ready for some hot steamy ...well, I will stop here and just say you will have to pick up this good read to see how well these authors presents it to the readers.

Would I recommend "Ring in a Cowboy?"....YES!


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