The Tree Of Hope By: Darcie Chan

Book Description...

A Christmas Novella

Title:  The Tree Of Hope
Author: Darcie Chan
Publisher:  D.C.
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Tree Of Hope" by Darcie Chan

My Thoughts...

This was a wonderful well written short story of a mother and the love of her girls survived during the Christmas season in 1984 after the death of her husband.  Things were tight but Josie was determine to give her girls a  real Christmas Tree.  With the help of her Aunt Ivy...just how did Josie make this happen?   Well you will have to get this short story to read and see just what the girls [Emily & Rose] saw when they got up the next morning.  .  I found this story very refreshing for the Christmas season definitely being a 'Tree of Hope' in all that Josie had to do.  I loved how the author shared what it was to be able to get it all done with what you have right around you.  When you set your mind to it as it was for Josie, it proved to her she could do it and she suceeded.  Thank you to the author for sharing this free read to the readers.  


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