Hearts Under Fire By: Antonio Scotto di Cario

Book Description....

"Jenny is a beautiful young businesswoman. She lives in an Italian tourist town where she owns a shop. Her need for independence is her strength, but her innate distrust sometimes creates problems with others.
One day she encounters love. More than an encounter, it’s a collision, a head-on collision. Her heart isn’t Eros’s only target, and everything changes …
Police begin investigating suspicious events around her, slowing down the construction of a new great hotel in town and rocking her life even more."

Title:  Hearts Under Fire
Author:  Antonio Scotto di Cario
Publisher: A.S. d. C.
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Hearts Under Fire" by Antonio Scotto di Cario

My Thoughts...

What a wonderful emotional read [setting in Italy] with 'My Way'[the song] being so well featured in this well written story. This was definitely one of those stories where you may think you know what is going on then then there will be some twist, turns and deceptions that you certainly will not expect.  I will say for this heroine [Jenny] that was a lots on her plate....running a shop  trusting people...enjoying a relationship with Andre but unexpectedly after hearing 'My Way' being played by a violinist...will she have feelings from someone else?  Then this story will take a turn...what is up with the man with the green gray eyes[Chris]?  OK, this story moves on and there will be a murder, a hot steamy romance. a suspenseful journey and by the end definitely a reality...all  that will keep you turning the pages to see what is going on next. That ending was well...I don't want to tell you any of it ...only saying you will have to pick this one up to see for yourself how well this author  writes this intriguing story for the readers.  Now, I will say my favorite part was the unexpected ending... 'The Confession.'  All I will say is that this will clear up a lots  of questions I had from this read.  Very well done to the author!

I was gifted Hearts Under Fire by the author Antonio Scotto di Carlo for an honest review.


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