Fling: It's Not Complicated (The Matthews Family Book 5) Kindle Edition by Roy Glenn

Book Synopsis:

A period devoted to self-indulgence; a casual or brief love affair.
Sparks fly immediately when Summer Matthews and Jabari Finney lay eyes on one another. After enduring a number of personal and professional changes, both are ready to move forward to the next phase of their lives. But, before continuing on life’s journey, each has decided to take a vacation at a singles’ resort in Antigua. Although they’ve agreed that their time together be no questions asked and no commitments made, it leads to more than just a hot vacation fling. The chemistry is so strong, they find they just may have the makings of something wonderful.
But, are they ready for wonderful?"

Title: Fling: It's Not Complicated
Author: Roy Glenn
Publisher: Escapism Entertainment
Series: The Matthews Family Book 5
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Fling: It's Not Complicated" by Roy Glenn

My Rationalization:

This was quite a sweet 'casual or brief love affair' when Summer and Jabari meet while on a vacation resort in Antigua. I enjoyed how this author presented this story where it seems like both of these two were out of a bad relationship and was wanting something more. So, when presented to Jabari from Summer 'there time together there in Antigua there would be no questions asked and no commitments made...he jumped in for it. So, yes this turned out to be some 'hot and steamy vacation fling' that you will have to pick up 'Fling: It's Not Complicated' to read and see how this story will all come together. And, yes you will be left wanting more of what will happen after Summer and Jabari are now back from their vacation with each one going in different directions. 


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