Promising Forever (Falling for a Rose Book 11) Kindle Edition by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Book Synopsis:

"In the biggest wedding of the decade, triplets Eden, Jasmine, and Phoebe Alexandria Rose prepare to marry the men who've captured their hearts. Invitations have gone out, and The Who's who in the city of Chicago will be in attendance, including, local and national media. However, after coming up with what seemed to be a brilliant plan for the sister's wedding night, those ideas backfire and the ladies lean on each other for support in an effort to hold it together—all the way to the altar."

*Note - This is a novella and can be read as a standalone.

Title: Promising Forever
Author: Stephanie Nicole Norris
Publisher: Love Is A Drug Ink
Series: Falling for a Rose Book 11
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Promising Forever" by Stephanie Nicole Norris

My Rationalization:

What a beautiful novel "Promising Forever" gives the reader being such an enjoyable novella and seeing the '3 brides and grooms: Eden Alexandria Rose & Derek James Clark, Jasmine Alexandria Rose & Luke Steele, and Phoebe Alexandria Rose & Quentin Davidson'... finally getting their dream of marriage.

The wedding was simply beautifully done and the girl's father Christopher Rose was quite 'the father' with his connection with them at that ceremony as he gave away each one of the brides. Truly, I found the wedding ceremony beautiful!


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