The Black Butterfly: A Lost Soul Kindle Edition by Cornelia Smith

Book Synopsis:

"Mourning the death of Khloe, both Shaniya and Kerry make selfish decisions affecting the lives around them. The Black Butterfly: A Lost Soul sheds light to the story of the Robertson women. Why did Skylar and Shaniya flee the scene after their beloved mother Khloe was put to rest? Will Kerry lose her family while stressing over her missing nieces? Will Shaniya and Skylar make it in the hard streets of Atlanta? The Black Butterfly: A Lost Soul, continues on this emotional Roller Coaster of a novel.

Will the girls finally find peace in their hearts?"

Title:  The Black Butterfly:  A Lost Soul
Author:  Cornelia Smith
Publisher:  The Book Plug LLC; 2 edition 
Series #2
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Black Butterfly: A Lost Soul" By Cornelia Smith

My Rationalization:

I enjoyed the continuation of 'The Black Butterfly"  A Lost Soul" series.  It was quite a read of what happened after Khloe passes away leaving behind her two daughters Shaniya and Skylar.  I found it hard reading about what happens to them on the streets of Atlanta.  I really hate that the daughters thought so little of their aunt Kerry by leaving the way they did.  Well, will Kerry find her nieces?  How will Johnathan become involved in this situation the nieces?  Well, there will be lots going on in this story.  So, you will just have to pick up the good read and see if Shaniya and Skylar will make it on the streets of Atlanta and if there will be any closure for them in the end.  


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