The Floating Feldmans By Elyssa Friedland

Book Synopsis:

"Sink or swim. Or at least that's what Annette Feldman tells herself when she books a cruise for her entire family. It's been over a decade since the Feldman clan has spent more than twenty-four hours under the same roof, but Annette is determined to celebrate her seventieth birthday the right way. Just this once, they are going to behave like an actual family.

Too bad her kids didn't get the memo.

Between the troublesome family secrets, old sibling rivalries, and her two teenage grandkids, Annette's birthday vacation is looking more and more like the perfect storm. Adrift together on the open seas, the Feldmans will each face the truths they've been ignoring—and learn that the people they once thought most likely to sink them are actually the ones who help them stay afloat."

Title:  The Floating Feldmans
Author:  Elyssa Friedland
Publisher:  E. F.  
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Floating Feldmans" by Elyssa Friedland

My Rationalization:  

I found "The Floating Feldman's" quite a story that lots of families have gone through in one way or another.  For this family, this matriarch was turning seventy and invited her son,  daughter, son-in-law and the two grandchildren to come along with her and her husband on a week's Caribbean cruise for her birthday that she would pay for.  I will say that these characters were really something that will definitely keep you turning the pages to see what was coming next in trying to understand them.  

It seems like everyone wanted to come on this cruise but omg what kind of attitudes, trust issues, resentments, insecurities, and secrets did this family seem to have among themselves? How will this vacation turn out for this  Friedland/Connelly family?  With the uncle having business with his selling of pot, a daughter being a shopaholic whose bankrupted the family, their father being ill and this story will continue on and will leave you shaking your head and saying Wow!  And it seems like this family wasn't alone in having problems for the cruise director had problems not only with his cruse people [this family] but in  his own personal life too.  I could definitely understand his thoughts of if getting married would be the best thing for him after seeing and hearing what all goes on in some families.  

Be ready to find some humor in this good read that will definitely add to the storyline. It will be really interesting to see how all of these secrets will come out by the end of the cruise.  So to see how this family drama all comes out you will have to pick up "The Floating Feldmans" to see how well this author presents to the reader a well-written story.  I enjoyed how well this author will answer all the questions of everyone's situation by the end of the story.     
Thanks to NetGalley and Berkley for the ARC of this book.


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