Always a Bridesmaid

Author:  Cindi Myers
Published By:  Entangled Publishing:  Indulgence
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewer:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4
Blog For:  GMTA


"Always a Bridesmaid" by Cindi Myers was nice well written good romance novel and I did thoroughly enjoyed the read.

Stephanie was a graduate student working for her father...she was a very determined independent and capable of not letting anyone or anything get in the way of her goals. Stephanie's mom had left her and her dad when she was only sixteen...Mike was head of his own construction firm....single parent with a son...nine year old Ryan.

Due to Stephanie's friend Justin...she meets Mike(landlord)....and she ends up renting a room from Mike.    Justin  was a friend of Mike and Stephanie and he was getting married ...Mike was the best man and Stephanie ended up also being in the wedding... as a bridesmaid.  After a impromptu was decided  (Mike and Stephanie) would keep their distance...not wanting to get 'involved.'  "They wouldn't fool around as long as they lived under the same roof."   Now... Mike had been referred to as grim...has a son, ex-wife (with boyfriend.... and for Stephanie...there was her dad, his girlfriend and then  their were the housemates. 

Stephanie was looking for love and was afraid to move forward for fear of being hurt again...just like
her father.  For Mike  who was a recently divorced dad and had  turned sour when it came to any relationships due to the way he had been treated in his last marriage.  Will Stephanie and Mike start a relationship  and if so will  this be  kept a secret?  Now, this is the time that I say you must pick up "Always a Bridesmaid" to find out if there will be a relationship between these two. 

The characters were all interesting and even very believable  referring to  Stephanie, Mike, Justin, Ilisa, Judy, Kay,Ryan, Jack, Kaye, Grace, Todd, Madeline, Paul, Sandy, and Nicole.

"Always a Bridesmaid" was a quick read and if you are in for a sweet good read then
I would recommend this one for you.


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