Author:  Leila Meacham
Published By:  Hachette Book Group 
Age Recommended: Adult
Reviewer:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5
Blog For: GMTA


"Tumbleweeds" by Leila Meacham was some interesting read. In Kersey, this
story takes place in the Panhandle...with the story being told in third person.
These three orphans (Catherine Ann Benson and Trey Don Hall)and a abandoned child (John Caldwell),lead a very interesting life. I found this novel rather long but still fast enough to stay interesting for me.  Be ready for a lots
of twist and turns that will keep up turning the pages to see what was coming
up next. You have three friends... two boys and one girl that become fast friends... however, both boys are in love with the girl.  Now who would win her? After a series of happenings this completely comes apart. There will be a lots of
secrets being revealed in the next twenty years...eventually gripping the reunion of the trio when they are all  forty years old.  The story will leave no part unturned and the plot thickens until the very end. Now, this is where I say you must pick up "Tumbleweeds" to see how this all comes together.

The characters are all simply good and memorable....really adding passion, friendship and love to the dialogue and the importance of football in the small town of Kersey. This story will have one characters' life that leads to football, another to become a priest and the other to work in a diner. Even the dog importance was displayed...Rufus. In "Tumbleweeds" many decades of life's will be revealed in this good read.

If you are in for a good read full of mystery and suspense... you have come
to the right place. I recommend you pick up "Tumbleweeds" for a good read where you will find love, friendship, football, betrayal, secrets, murder, religion, sorrow, compassion misunderstandings and even forgiveness.


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