Playing With Matches

Author:  Carolyn Wall
Published  Bantam
Age Recommended:Adult
Rating: 5
Blog For: GMTA


"Playing With Matches" by Carolyn Wall was a wonderful read of a young
girl(Clea) recounting her difficult childhood in rural Mississippi and
then the story switches to the grown-up Clea... going back and forth until
the end.   I must say I enjoyed the novel.  It was a bit long but well worth
the read.  This young girl is abandoned by her birth mom that presents issue
that will stem into her adult life. 

This author worked her magic with such a well written novel presenting humorous parts that will put a smile on your face.  The characters... Aunt Jerusha and Uncle Cuddy were definitely wonderful characters so full of love.

Be ready for plenty of twist and unexpected turns but when in the end you will
have read a wonderful read that I would recommend as a excellent read.


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