Embryo 4: Catch Me [Embryo: A Raneyand Levine Thriller] by J.A. Schneider

Title:  Embryo 4: Catch Me
Author:  J.A. Schneider
Publisher: J.A.S. & R.G.S.
Series: Embryo 4
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Embryo 4:  Catch Me by J.A. Schneider....

Book Description....

"A terrifying serial killer who just targets couples, and leaves taunting notes for the NYPD signed CATCH ME... At a loss, police request the help of doctors Jill Raney and David Levine, police friends and detectives on their own. Both have helped when cops' hands are tied, or in ways that even police forensics never imagined.

But this killer, a sharp shooter, is always a step ahead. He wears gloves and disguises, shoots victim pairs at random with an unregistered gun, and leaves no physical evidence or eyewitnesses. He's enraged to hear that David is also a crack shot, and intrigued with the couple's adopted little son, Jesse, almost one year old, dubbed by the media "the miracle baby," and already showing signs that he is as intuitive as his mother...

The killer draws closer, gripping New York City and the entire nation in horror, pulling Jill and David into the worst terror they have yet encountered.

What I loved about this novel....

Wow, this was a very thrilling series...hope you have kept up with this authors Embryo's 1-2-3  series because if you haven't you have missed a good series.  Embryo 4 was this authors fourth novel and all I can say is wow, what a good ending that Embryo 4  gave the readers. This author really knows how to tell a story and once you pick it up the  read you will not want to put it down until the end. Why is this? The author knows how to keep your attention in such a unique way with all the tension in this action paced read.

All of the characters were so richly developed  when it seems that each one comes alive right there on the pages.  I loved how this author gives extra details that made each scene along with conversation very complete and special to the read.  The two main characters  Jill and David are so supportive and good to each other along with the love of their son Jesse.  I don't want to leave out those friends who were the co- workers of the hospital (loved how they supported each other ) and police department.  As the story goes on we find Jessie(a baby that was developed outside of the uterus) has been adopted by Jill and David and to no ones surprise this one year old is super smart and at the end only proves that point in what he was able to convey to his mom.  The hospital Madison Memorial where all this took place wants to show 'Jesse' off.  Why was that?   Now to find out way you will need to read the earlier series to find out however, I will share a little... because of what had happen with 'Jesse' this  will greatly get the publicity and  hopefully 'gain additional research money to develop artificial wombs' for the hospital. Be prepared for a read of  many bloody bodies as we find this killer( referred to as "The Couples Killer" leaves notes ...'Catch Me.' 

 With all the work in this hospital  that is going out around them suddenly Jill and David are being targets of this crazy psychopath.  Will they be able to take this bad person down and keep their son, hospital friends and the citizens safe.   Well, this is way I say again you must pick up this series as well as the other previous series 1-3 to see how this dramatic take down will come about. 

What I especially liked about the read....

As in the other series the two main characters are helping once again the local police where we again see 'Jill' is the real helper in this case with all of her smartness.  I loved how this author was able to bring in the subject of PTSD which is called by extreme trauma and stress and even the experience of a military veteran who copes with the after fact of the mind and experiences of the war.  Now, I don't want to tell too much more  other than to say you must pick up this wonderful read and see for yourself how this author will bring it all out to you.  You will find it a  very interesting captivating thriller read and in the end we get a good ending and it's my understanding that there will be another Embryo series.  Would I recommend these  series....YES!     


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