Willow Smoke By Adriana Kraft

Title: Willow Smoke
Author:  Adriana Kraft
Publisher:  B & B Publications
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  5

"Willow Smoke" by Adriana Kraft

Book Description....

"When the chips are down, there's nobody there. Willowy blond Daisy Matthews has survived the Chicago streets with this mantra but is unprepared for the much older Nick Underwood's urgent pursuit. The wealthy businessman receives a thoroughbred in payment for a bad debt and is thrust into Daisy's world. She teaches him about horse racing; he teaches her about love. When Daisy's seamy brother-in-law threatens Nick's safety, she doggedly tries to stop him by herself, but flees to the familiar streets when he attacks. Can Nick find her in time – and if he does, will she still want him?"

What I liked about the novel.....

I like this incredible story from start to finish.  These authors really brings it all out from a little of it all...romance, love, hot sex, very persistence, appreciative and a thriller of a read.  This is definitely one novel that will hold your attention from start to finish being full of suspense. The two main characters were quite a pair with one being very determined and headstrong while we find the other one being very giving.  What was the real problem that was the main problem for these two?   The secondary characters were simply off the chart well developed, real, well portrayed, colorful and very believable that help give the reader a good enjoyable read. 

I liked how the authors were able to give us a wonderful entertaining story.  Maybe a little predictable in some ways but still a very realistic and an emotional read in other ways.  I really enjoyed how this author was able to bring these two together who were really opposites...but you know what they say about them. Sometime opposites will be very attractive to one another and I think this was the case for Daisy and Nick in some ways.  Why did Nick refer to Daisy as Willow Smoke?  Now, you will have to read this novel to get that answer. 

What I especially like about this novel...

I loved how the authors brought out to the reader about horses, Paddle Dreams Unlimited, Boundary Waters.. fishing trip, the eagle, the loon, the stars, and wow...those northern lights...what a love scene.  Well, I will stop here and say "Willow Smoke" was a good  riveting story.

My favorite was from a excerpt...

"Nick maintained his vigil by Daisy’s bedside, mulling over their relationship and planning
for their future. He smiled and squeezed her fingers. As long as he might live, he’d never
forget the willowy woman with straw sticking out of her hair challenging his right to be near
her barn. Or the waif-like blonde who stepped into his suite with an offer he never could
have resisted. Or the woman who spoke to horses as if they understood. Or the woman
who led him to the pinnacle of ecstasy beneath the northern lights. Or the woman who
helped him see life through fresh eyes and an earthy wisdom. The woman he could not
live without."
What I didn't like....

At times the heroine made me want  to ... and then their was Daisy's sister and brother in law....wow...well I will stop here and just say you will just have to read it for yourself to see how these authors brings that all out to the reader.
My overall impression of this novel..

These authors gives the readers a excellent well written story that will give you some thought long after this sweet romantic read. 


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