She Me We By Karen D Neal

Title:  She Me We
Author:  Karen D Neal
Publisher:  Pensive Publishing
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"She Me We" by Karen D. Neal

Book Description....

"Meet the beautiful Tonya and company that are use to drawing the attention of men wherever she go but unlike many women, the attention does not fascinate her. They are all dogs in her opinion and deserve what they get, that is they deserve what she gives them as unsuspecting men follow the beautiful lady home expecting to get to know her better. Tonya meets a young man in the local grocer and unlike many of the men that she meets, she is a little impressed by his swag and would like to get to know him better but has she met her match?

Davin is a young handsome man that is focused on going into the local grocers one day to pick up a steak and beer for an evening of watching sports and talking jive with the fellows until he set eyes on the beautiful Tonya as she is walking into the store. He forgets all about the steaks, watching sports and the fellows as he follows her around the store for an opportunity to get her name and number. He has never had a problem getting to know any female that he set his sights on but could getting to know this young lady prove to be a mistake?

Follow Tonya and Davin in this fast paced mini novella as the surprises unfold on each of them and you too will be hanging on the edge of your seats waiting to see how the drama unfolds."

Why I read this novel...

I was tagged by the author in Face book and was asked to read her novel.

What I liked about this novel...

I found this novel a bit different  from some my other read that would give you much thought long after the read.  This author really knows how to keep your attention because once you start reading you will find it hard to put down until the end.  And by the way it is a short good read.    I found this read quite a emotional read bringing in all the scariness from Tonya's world.  Wow, it was deep but definitely had a good meaning to it all.  I hope all who read this will receive it. Thank you author for giving us a very interesting, intriguing  and captivating read.  You will definitely be left thinking should be sorry for Davin after Tonya, Penny and Mysti are through with him?  I guess we will have to see in the 'To Be Continued'....



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