It's Only Love By: Roy Glenn

Book Description...

"Victor Matthews was too young to know what his grandfather meant when he said that sometimes loving a woman is hurt and disappointment, but it stuck with him. Maybe because for Victor it turned out to be true.
That’s when he saw her.
Poise, elegance, and grace; she was absolutely phenomenal. And when their eyes connected, he felt something powerful between them. And when their eyes met, and the intensity of the look they shared, Victor knew that she felt it too.
Only problem: she was with her man.
Natasha Edwards was moved when she saw Victor. The way he looked at her made her think about things that a woman in a committed relationship shouldn't be thinking about. She was involved with Lloyd, a very successful man who enjoyed the fact she was beautiful, smart, more than willing to satisfy his every sexual desire, and able to talk to his peers when they went out. He was more concerned with Natasha looking the part, and fit the role of his woman, but Lloyd couldn't appreciate her for who she really was. Convinced that in time her relationship with Lloyd will get better, Natasha resolved herself to the fact that she was taken, so thoughts of Victor should be not on her mind.
But fate steps in and they meet again and despite the heavy vibe between them, she denies it and tries her best to rid herself of thoughts of Victor. Unable to accept that he can’t have her, Victor retreats to the only position available to him. “I would at least like to be your friend.”
For now."

Title: It's Only Love
Author: Roy Glenn
Publisher Escapism Entertainment
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"It's Only Love" by Roy Glenn

What I like about this read...

I will say I had to stop and go back to the beginning at the title to make sure I was reading this author's novel. I will say this was different read for me by this author (I am so used to reading this author's Mike Blacks series). This was a real romance genre and I loved it! I truly loved how this author presented both of these two characters....Victor and Natasha coming together. I loved how they called it 'friendship' due to the fact one was involved, however their will be a attraction from from the beginning ....going to the shows together, phone calls and one meeting a family to dinners that the reader will see how this will all come about. Will this relationship grow into love? Well, this is where I will stop here and say you will have to pick up "It's Only Love" to see how this author will bring it all together giving the reader in the end a good read and will have you wanting more in the next novel.


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