Niggas With Motive: Rock City By: Kaliyah Knight

Book Description...

"Niggas beware....
Each one even more grimy than the last. Motivated by money, blood, and the take.
In the desolate streets of Colombia, the untouchable Santiago Luis Medina Mendoza is king of the Mendoza De Dios Cartel--of God. But these streets are full of ghosts and God has turned His back.
Rico Medina is returning home with a gang of sisters to raise while running his Tio Santi's coke. Trying to please his baby mama Rockwell and keeping his family safe should be the easiest in the streets where he was born but it's not.
Rico's mama Rita is an "old world" Colombiana. You disrespect the fam, and you slit your own throat. Colombian penance.
As Rico tries to keep the peace, save Rocky from the Italian mafia, stack his funds, and live, every one of the Medina's lives is in danger. And one of the untouchables is going to end up dead..."

Title:  Niggas With Motive:  Rock City
Author:  K'aliyah Knight
Publisher:  Alana's Book Line
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Niggas With Motive: Rock City" by K'aliyah Knight

What I liked about this novel....

Wow what a read!  This was another one of this author's well written reads that will truly have you shaking you head as you go from chapter to chapter with the family, friends, foes, enemies...truly you name it and it's all there.

The characters are all on the mark being defined, real, well portrayed and believable giving you a read that will have you turning the pages to get to the end.  This author really has a way to keep the reader on the edge of their seats waiting to see what will happen next along with so many twist and turns for Rico, Rocky, Rita, Blu, Popeye, Olivia,  LeeLee, Santi, Chuey  and a few more interesting people.  Be ready for many emotions as well as surprises as you read this this captivating novel.

I can't hardly wait until this author's  next novel.  Hopefully we will find out  will Rico really hurt the two people he loves the most, will Santi gets what due him, will Chuey get what is coming to him and most of all will Rocky finally  grow up.  Oh well,like I said the next novel will really have the readers waiting for another good read!


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