The Pleasure Principle By: Jane O'Reilly

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An education

"When it comes to sex, shy and awkward Verity is as reluctant as a virgin. So imagine her horror and shame when her ex reveals her inadequacies to the internet? To prove that she’s not frigid, as claimed, she’ll sleep with the very next man she sees!

So when her boss, Cal Bailey, a man completely confident in his own sexiness, invites her to one of his legendary parties Verity leaps at the chance. She gets Cal right where she wants him but at the crucial moment her insecurities take over, leaving Cal confused and her frustrated!

Verity, convinced she can’t do it, is set for rejection again but Cal is a sexpert and he’s determined to turn Verity’s pain into her ultimate pleasure... "

Title:  The Pleasure Principle
Author:  Jane O'Reilly
Publisher:  Carina
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"The Pleasure Principle" by Jane O'Reilly

What I liked about this novel...

This author really knows how to put a story together  that will keep you turning the pages till the ending this short read.  Be prepared for some erotica F/F/M scenes so be aware of that.  What a ugly person to have what was done to her by a ex-boyfriend telling the whole world on a website that she sucked in bed.   For poor Verity who knew after going to one his his 'famous parties'  her life was about to change.  The character Cal was really something in trying to help Verity being very blunt and that was just  what she needed.  I liked how this author brings out some information of Verity's  past  from boyfriends, her mother and father where their had been much disappointments.  What will happen after one night with Cal where she will be introduce to a little bit of it all with some free and uninhibited people.  To truly understand this whole story you will have to pick up this erotic romance to see how the author will bring it all out to the reader.   It was quite a read as these two people will go on a sexual  journey and in the end it will be quite interesting to see  what will happen between Verity and Cal in this hot romance.


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