This is Mine By: Roy Glenn

Book Description...

"Now that other less important matters (namely Jada West) have been dealt with to her satisfaction, Black and Shy have moved on, stronger than ever. Shy has finally gone back to get her master of business administration degree and has committed to opening her own import/export business. With Wanda’s war behind them, Black has promised to spend more time at home with his family; time that Shy promises will be time well spent. But there is one more matter that Shy will have to deal with—The attention being paid to her by Dr. Spencer Mensforth.
As for Black, he knows that he still has The Grenadine Boys to deal with and the threat they pose to his Caribbean operation. He understands that if he is going to get on top of it, he must have information. For that, Black must face one of the demons from his past."

Title:  This Is Mine
Author:  Roy Glenn
Publisher:  Smashwords Edition
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"This Is Mine" by Roy Glenn...

What I liked about this novel....

There is nothing I can say that can top saying this was  anther well written captivating  novel about Mike Black by this author.  I simply loved the fact that Mike and Shy marriage is strong, Ms. Jada knows that Mike will not ever be hers so she can do what she does best and that is make money.  Oh yes ....Wanda is back and Bobby is doing what he does best and that is being Bobby.  I loved how this author was able to bring out all about Mike's father and family.    Wow, how they were so alike in mores ways than one.  Now, that will be interesting to see how this saga will turn out. The only thing left to say is that we the readers will be waiting waiting for the next great installment to the Mike Black Series.



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