The Boss Wears Heels By: Roy Glenn

Book Description...

"After being literally run out of New York, Jada West has returned to Nassau and the party to end all parties is thrown in her honor. Now it was time for to get back to running Paraíso, the establishment that she and Mike Black own. However, prior to her departure, there was a saying on the island, ‘If you want some done, go see Jada West’, and now that she’s back, Black’s people have once again, began to come to her to settle their issues. And Jada handled them in pure Jada West fashion; focus on what’s important. Making the money.
But when a major problem occurs on the island, Jada is forced to step up. When the people around her tell Jada that she should call Black and ask him what he wants her to do, Jada refuses, because; “Mr. Black expects me to handle this.”
Find out if Jada West is up to the task."

Title:  The Boss Wears Heels
Author:  Roy Glenn
Publisher:  Smashwords Edition
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"The Boss Wears Heels" by Roy Glenn

What I liked about this novel...

This was another good series by the author dealing with Mike Black and his organization..  I found the read a very captivating read with twist and turns and I especially loved it when the crew came in ....Black, Bobby, Rain and Shy came into this storyline. Mike Black comes and really put the icing on the cake and let Jada know that she had earned his respect and after the conversation with Shy and Black  maybe Jada will now move on and hopefully find someone to love that will love her back. All I am  saying is that certainly still remains to be seen.  So, until the next novel the readers will be waiting for more from this author.


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