Catchin' Feelings For A Married Man 3 (Catchin' Feelings For A Married Man) by LaQuita Cameron

Book Description...

"This is the finale you don't want to miss! With all the lies and secrets coming out its hard for anyone to trust love again! Jazz is beginning to regret his moving in with Kara after her true colors begin to show.

Kara is not giving up on Jazz that easy! She gives up good men to be with Jazz, and relocates to show him the woman he's created after making her catch feelings!

Zenayia sees a whole other side of Damon once he's realized everything he's lost after falling hard for her!

Damon is not going down without a fight! Despite Jazz's efforts to see Damon behind bars, Damon still shows everyone he is not that man you want to betray! Kara and Zenayia prove they caught feelings for the wrong men… See if they end up with a fairytale ending or a nightmare of new beginnings..."

Title:  Catchin' Feelings For a Married Man 3 (Catchin' Feelings For A Married Man)
By:  LaQuita Cameron
Publisher:  Cole Hart Presents
Series:  Catchin' Feeling For A Married Man
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Catchin' Feelings For A Married Man 3" (Catchin' Feelings For A Married Man)  by LaQuita Cameron

My Thoughts.....

This author really gives the reader quite a story in this part 3 of this novel.  There was quite some drama  in this storyline that will definitely keep your attention till the end where it seems like it all comes together in a very neat package.  The characters ...all of them were simply well developed, defined, some more than others...even believable.  From Jazz, Zenayia, Tami, Damon, Kara, Jennifer, Emani to name a few were all simply off the chart.

I loved this blurb from Jazz:  Is he finally getting the sense of it all?

"If it hadn't cost me $500 I would've tossed it right about now.  Once again I am the one who is cheated on.  What is it with these women these day?  "I'm not gone lie, I've been messing around with Kara, cheating on my wife. But I don't want this life any more.  I miss my son and my daughter.  I  wish everything could return to how it used to be."

I will leave it for the reader to see for yourself how well this author presents to us one interesting series.What a friendship some of these characters had was simply ... I really can't describe it.  You will only have to read it for yourself as the story unfolds especially that brother and sister situation? So, if you are looking for a urban series that is full of drama at its highest... I would definitely recommend this series to you [Catchin' Feelings For A Married Man 1,2 and 3.] to really understand the whole story.


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