Keepin' It Tight By: Shani Greene-Dowdell

Book Description....

"Three is too many for any relationship. When the insecurity and deception in Cornelius and Lela Johnston's marriage reaches a point of no return, it will take a miracle to pick up the pieces. Take the journey where past hurts and abuse meets temptation."

Title:  Keepin' It Tight
Author:  Shani Greene-Dowdell
Publisher:  Nayberry Publisher
Series:  Love Series 1
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

"Keepin' It Tight" by Shani Green-Dowdell

My Thoughts...

Now, this was one of those stories you will not want to put down with all the drama, lust and lies, emotions and love  that comes from this beautifully written love story will definitely one that will  keep your attention. This is a story about Lela and Cornelius [Neil].  The author presents the reader with some interesting realistic characters that were well developed, defined and believable.  What is so important about this story line is that this can really happen in a marriage!  Be ready for some twist and turns that will really have you on the edge of your seat.    

My favorite part of the read cam from Lela's grandmother Jana [one who has been there and done it].
I will give you a few excerpts...from this read that I thought were excellent  to share...
[from grandmother Jana ....talking to Lela]

"When you find someone special, someone that treats you like the queen you are, you don't let anything get in the middle of it.  Not your friends, work, and definitely not haters. "  "Remember to do the things you did in the beginning in order to keep him.  I don't care if it is thirty years down the road.  Do the things that made him fall in love with you in the first place, over and over again.  He'll never think of going astray if you heed my words about keeping it tight.  Listen, before he has the chance to want someone else, you be the other woman."

and another ....[grandmother Jana ....talking to Lela and Neil]....

"Young folks, I tell you.  You can handle anything God puts on you.   Now, I'm going to tell you two like I told Lela in the beginning, because Grandma Jana is not always going to be around to keep this thing tight for you. Never let anyone come in between you two... Marriage is sacred and you should always honor each other before anyone else."  

Now, to me that said it all after reading this well written love story and as it is stated in the title:  "Keepin' It Tight."    

Will Lela and Neil be able to work out their problems?  To find out how this story will just have to pick up this awesome love story. Would I recommend?  YES!        


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