Lost Daughters: Their Untold Secrets: (Golden Book 2) By: Charmaine Galloway

Book Description....

Lost Daughters 

"Golden - A new wife and mom struggling for perfection, not only within her marriage, but in the relationship with her mother as well. However, while striving for that perfection, Golden comes to the realization that there is no such thing as a perfect anything, not a perfect person and certainly not a perfect marriage.

Mahogany- Deception of the worst kind forces her into a downward spiral that drives her to live life on the edge. With an ‘it’s all about me’ mentality, Mahogany succumbs to the dangerous side of life until suddenly, she finds herself caught up in a cruel game that will change life as she knows it forever.

Grace – Searching for her birth parents and a ‘good’ man leads her to the discovery of much more than she bargained for. With truth in hand, Grace must decide whether she will open the door and accept what is or slam it shut and walk away for good.

Will these lost daughters find their way, or will they allow their corrupt past to haunt them forever?"

Title:  Lost Daughters  Their Untold Secrets
Author:  Charmaine Galloway
Publisher: Charming Gal Publishers
Series:  Golden Book 2
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"Lost Daughters...Their Untold Secrets" by Charmaine Galloway

My Thoughts....

Truly this was another one of this author's  beautifully told story that will not only keep your attention but give you a wonderful well written story of three women...Golden, Mahogany and Grace.  Each one of these ladies will have their own story that will be off the chain.

As the reader is reading through 'Lost Daughter' you will be presented with three stories from each of these young ladies and being left to wonder what if their  parents hadn't held back a secret that should have been shared much earlier,  Would this have  had a different ending...especially for one of the characters?  I don't want to give away the story but I will say...one will go through anxiety attacks from her past, another will have men relationships even desiring her friend's husband and the last one...well being hurt from finding out that she was adopted that sends her heading in the wrong direction.  In the end...will there be forgiveness?

The author will give the readers one amazing story of how it will all come out and showing that God was in the mix of it all.  I loved how the real mother was able to finally see her wrong and try to fix what had been broken in her life for so long.  I did feel so sorry for one of the characters because in the end well...I will stop and just say..check out this novel.  This was a excellent christian urban read that I would recommend to you.


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