Girl, Naw! By: Lacricia A'ngelle

Book Description...

Who counsels the counselor? Antoinette Walker is good at solvings other women's problems. But skeletons are busting out of her closet. How will she respond when her past comes knocking?

Title: Girl, Naw!
Author: Lacricia A'ngelle
Publisher: His Pen Publishing
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Girl Naw!" by Lacricia A'ngelle

My Thoughts.....

This was truly a wonderful engaging story that many people may face daily. It was of great interest the way this author gave the readers such a details of each characters situation that they went through. These stories will definitely will keep your attention. I liked the flow of this story that shared many spiritual insights into this well developed situations. These are very real stories of what one may go through in our daily life's. This author has done a well job with the ups and down twist of stories as they are well presented in this novel. Be ready for some real life issues that may be close to home for many. This story of Antoinette [now a counselor] had a bad start in her life but will she be able to come through it all now that she has a good man and is trusting God? Well, for this part and more the reader will have to pick up 'Girl, Naw!' The characters presented here in this read are really developed and detailed with you getting a story from each one that will keep you turning the pages. This read is definitely one about Antoinette whose 'inspiration and proof that through God anything can happen' for ones good. What big secret had Antoinette held for so long that she hadn't told anyone? What happens after her a prayer from a minister that 'God would set her free?' Will she be able to talk about this to anyone? When it's all said and ready for a good read that will be a very valuable read in the end giving one a 'beautifully written testimonies of forgiveness, scriptures, keeping the faith and deliverance.' Was Antoinette able to help through Walker's Counseling Center...Cynthia Smith, Dorothy Washington, Shalonda Stafford and Julia Kinkade?

Two quotes I loved from aunt Susan..."Don't let the past control your future." And from her friend Yvette.." Remember God is still in control."

I thought this was a awesome read that did have me in tears in certain portions of this inspirational read. The novel will definitely grab your attention as it was an intriguing read and in the end the reader will not only be given a good read but also you will feel truly blessed long after the read.

Thank you to the author for a thought provoking good read! Oh!... I loved the questions for discussion at the end of the novel and also the personal invitation...this was excellently and beautifully presented.


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