Loving A Colombian Cartel Thug 2 (Loving a Colombian Cartel Thug) By: K'aliyah Knight

Book Decription....

Loving a Colombian Cartel Thug 2

"Lorenzo Medina and his familia are returning to their beautiful homeland. Being connected to Mendoza De Dios Cartel means that they're untouchable, right?
Amid the hoes tryna claim Renzo and his quest to save his little sister, Blu from the Jamaicans, Renzo can't catch a break. Finally, Renzo's good girl Rocky is back, sitting on the throne, Queen to his King. Yet, Rocky's heart is being pulled in every direction to keep her children from the life, Loving a Colombian Cartel Thug and then there is one on Renzo's team trying to steal her heart too...

Take this trip to the coast of Colombia where family secrets have torn the legendary Mendoza De Dios. Though blood is bond, who can you trust in love and war?"

Title:  Loving A Colombian Cartel Thug 2
Author:  K'aliyah Knight
Publisher:  Shan Presents
Series:  Loving A Colombian  Cartel Thug
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Loving A Colombian Cartel Thug 2" by K'aliyah Knight

My Thoughts....

Another second episode of  'Loving  A Colombian Cartel Thug 2' was one good urban fiction read only that this author gives to her readers.  It left me saying wow!  This was indeed a well written story about Lorenzo, Rockwell, Rita, Blu, Popeye, Chuey to a few others that will keep you turning the pages. , This author really knows out to keep the readers attention with all of the drama, drama, drama and the secrets that will come out as her stories are given to us from some well developed, believable and intriguing characters.  All I can say is be ready for some twist and turns that you may not have seen coming in this story. It will be quite interesting to see what this author will come up with these characters in our next novel dealing with Lorenzo and Rockwell. Would I recommend "Loving A Colombian Cartel Thug 2?'  YES and it would be a good idea to read this first novel by this author for a little better understanding to what has gone on earlier  for many of these characters.


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