Secrets Of A Kept Woman 3: You Can't Help Who You Love By Shani Greene-Dowdell

Book Description....

Baggage. Every woman has it. 

"Kicked out and abandoned by her mother at sixteen, Rhonda Wilson didn’t get the blueprint on how to love. Instead, she's been pulling a freight train of baggage and dumping pieces of it on the people who love her the most. After coveting Shayla's second husband, she finds herself battling to stay out of jail. And childhood friend, Jameson Brown, of Brown and Associates Law Firm is her last hope. He agrees to take Rhonda's case, but under one condition. She must make amends for all the hell she's raised. 

Coming from a world of love, privilege and religion, Jameson was groomed to go after what he wants. And, he wants Rhonda, but not before she learns to love herself. Will she finally face her demons and find love – the right way?"

 Title:  Secrets Of A Kept Woman 3   Author:  Shani Greene -Dowdell                                    Publisher:  Nayberry Publications      Series:  Secrets Of A Kept Woman                                                Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean               Rating:  5            


"Secrets Of A Kept Woman 3:  You Can't Help Who You Love" by Shani Greene-Dowdell

My Thoughts.... a read!  I have been holding my breathe so long...I am glad this is the last of this series.   I did have a few questions at the end that I felt were unanswered however, maybe there will be hope for Rhonda because she had caused so much pain to so many people and now she was admitting her crimes. Maybe she will find a true love one day!  Now with Jameson...that was a shock for me because I wanted Lissa to finally get someone that cared for her[however... she will have to first LOVE Lissa]...but again...oh well!  For Shayla, Antonio and Titus...they will be OK!  Thank you to the author for a interesting read of  "Secrets Of A Kept Woman 1, 2 and 3."  This is definitely a series that will keep you thinking long after the read.


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