A Legal Affair By: Alex Strong

Book Description...

"Elle Peyton has a successful career and a beautiful four-year-old son, what more could she want? Certainly not another man who would only abandon them at the first sign of trouble. She learned that lesson the hard way. Which makes it all the more irritating when Raiden, the ruggedly handsome new junior associate at her father's law firm, gets under her skin.

Raiden Kane may not have been looking, but Elle, the boss' daughter of all people, has definitely got his attention. With a little hard work, something he's no stranger to, Raiden manages to break through her icy interior, discovering the sensuous, vibrant woman within.

Elle sees an opportunity to move forward with her life, but Raiden's dark past threatens to leave an even bigger hole in her heart."

Title:  A Legal Affair
Author:  Alex Strong
Publisher:  Red Dahilia Publishing
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"A Legal Affair" by Alex Strong

My Thoughts...

This was a contemporary romance of how two people..Elle Peyton and Raiden Kane  came together in a very interesting way.  Both had some kind of baggage as to say...Ellie with a husband that had vanish some years ago leaving her with only her now four year old son.  For Raiden was getting rid of his baggage divorcing his wife who was now pregnant with another man's child.  So, when they meet would there be something that would grab at them...like certain likable feelings?  Well, for one it seemed like there was something.  After the two meet and find out a little about each other and things seem to be going great what will come into play when a dark secret comes out?  What will this have to do with Elle's father?  What will happen when a surprise...when Elle's husband comes back on the scene now wanting to be a husband and father?  Well, this is definitely one story that you will have to pick up and see what and how this author presents it so well to the readers.  I found it a delightful well written read short read that once you start reading you it will keep your attention to the end.  Would I recommend?  Yes!

I received a copy through NOR  in exchange for an honest review.


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