Backwards Christmas By: Brooke Williams

Book Description....

"Local tour guide Noelle Richards loves everything Backwards Christmas has to offer in South Pole, Alaska. She gets wrapped up in the upside down trees, taking presents TO Santa Clause and all the festivities. Sled dog trainer Chris Furst, on the other hand, approaches the holiday with nothing but skepticism. When their history bubbles into the present, their difference of opinion comes to a head. When Chris gets himself into a dangerous situation in the snow, Noelle and the hope of Christ are his only hope for redemption."

Title:  Backwards Christmas
Author:  Brooke Williams
Publisher:  Prism Book Group [Diamond]
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"Backwards Christmas" by Brooke Williams

My Thoughts...

A 'Backwards Christmas' what did that mean?  Well in the South Pole, Alaska that is what they do every single year.  Yes, celebrate a 'Backwards Christmas.'  This author  gives the reader quite a interesting short short read that will have upside down trees and I loved how the mistletoe will come into play as you read the story.  The story being of two people ...Chris Furst who had lost his parent in a tragic way and he seemed to have lost his way being a non believer of the holiday spirit.  Then their is Noelle Richards who had one time been in Chris's life but due to certain reasons things had changed with Christ after his parents had died.   Now, I don't want to tell too much of  the story but we find Noelle is a tour guide and there  will be a lots going on in this small town around this Christmas time. Will there be a turnaround for Chris during this time as he seems to be coming around?  Will he seek the love that he once had with Noelle?  What about his faith?  Will there be a second chance for him and Noelle?  Well, to find out the answers to these questions and more you will have to pick up "Backwards Christmas" to see how well this author will bring it all out to the readers.

This was a beautiful written short Christmas read of how some things are done so very different in South Pole, Alaska.  If you love the cold weather  and something a little different in reading for the Christmas holiday then I would definitely recommend this read especially to you.

I received a copy through NOR  in exchange for an honest review.


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