The Restoration [Prairie State Friends #3] By: Wanda Brunstetter

Book Description....

"Dive into an Amish country love triangle in this third book of the Prairie State Friends series. Priscilla Herschberger finds herself pursued by Elam, a childhood friend from her community, and David, an outsider raised in the modern world. Elam would do almost anything to convince Priscilla that David would never fit into the Amish way. Will flames of jealousy rage out of control and ruin lives? Can forgiveness allow love and trust to grow?"

Title:  The Restoration
Author:  Wanda Brunstetter
Publisher:  Shiloh Run Press
Series:  Prairie State Friends #3
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"The Restoration" by Wanda Brunstetter

My Thoughts...

This was another Amish series of the 'Prairie State of Friends #3' that continues on from this author's last novel...'The Gift.'  To really get the full understanding of what all has gone on in earlier series, I would suggest you read the other two series.  Now with this series we find this author deals with Priscilla, Elam and David as the main characters. Then you will have a lots of secondary characters
Cora, Jared, Adam, Elaine, Ben, Jonah to many others from the earlier series that will blend in as questions will be answered in this story.  I found these characters well defined, developed, portrayed and oh so believable giving the readers a good read that will keep your attention.  It seems that there are two young men wanting Priscilla's attention.  How will she handle all of this? "Will flames of jealousy rage out of control and ruin lives? Can forgiveness allow love and trust to grow? "  To get these answers and so much more the reader will have to pick up "The Restoration" to find out!

I thought this author  gives the readers one interesting Amish read that will bring in many other characters [from earlier series] that will make this story very intriguing  and well written.  Be ready for some inspirational verses that will be presented that will speak to your heart and also such details [in the story] that makes the story flow so very well as one reads chapter to chapter.  I did feel that toward the end the story seemed somewhat rushed a little but I know all good reads must come to a end.  I did like as always this author adding  at the end of the story a recipe that was talked about during the read [Priscilla's Friendship Salad] along with some good discussion questions that will give the readers something to think about long after the read.

I received a free copy of this book through NOR from NetGalley, in return for an honest review.


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