I've Got to Write! It's Like Fire Shut Up In My Bones By: Anthology Chosen Pen Writers' Group


These are a 'literary anthology of diverse collection of stories' that these authors are  sharing with the reader. "I've Got to Write! It's Like Fire Shut Up in My Bones" includes: works of fiction creative nonfiction, poetry and cross-genre pieces from members of the Chosen Pen Writers' Group."  "This anthology fills a gap for emerging authors who would not have an opportunity to share their God-given words otherwise."

Starting with...Author[s]....

Florence Levy... She 'writes poems and stories that others can relate to or enhance their lives.'
You Don't Know Me...
     "I am the one who knows hurt and feels the sorrow the pain that feels like no tomorrow."
This was indeed a beautiful poem and its ending is indeed well done...
     "Day after day I wait patiently for you to come home.  It's dreary and cold outside.  Come in I will say, I will tenderly tuck you in."

next...we have Darlene B. Fair...She is a short story writer.
Turn Around Surprise...
     A sweet story of what can happen when everyone pitches in to help one another  ...as it was for the Murphy family whose house had burn down.

next...we have Doris Willis Harvin
Tying the Knot...
Will Tricia White ever be finally tying the knot?  Being single hadn't been much fun for Tricia especially around her hometown and at her church in Charleston.  Being from Atlanta will she find someone to date?  What will happen after Tricia decides to double date with her friend and meets  William Watson who was tall, dark and handsome?  Will he be the one for Tricia?  Well, you will have to pick up this good one to see what will happen between William and Tricia.  In the end what did Tricia now wish for?

next...we have Dr. Norma McLauchlin
Free to Choose, Worthiness and Free to Choose Journal...
Baptized at a early age [6], avid reader, loved to read the Bible, having plenty of questions about the scriptures and that God was the Savior of her soul.   How important was education to the Black students...going to a integrated school in Wentworth, North Carolina seeing she was the best choice.  Would God be with her for the next four years?  What an experience the first day of school and on through the next four years.  In the end Norma Tucker knew  God was there with her all the way through her HS years she spent at this white school.  Why had she been bless to do this?   After HS, Norma 'served in the military, gotten married, earned degrees from both an HBCU and other major predominantly white universities and taught school on the Navajo Indian Reservation.'   God has always been there for Norma. However, Norma knew that there was something just for her.  Finally Norma found where her spiritual gifts were and that was being a 'administrator, exhorter, giver and in the end 'helping minority students excel in today's world.'  Indeed she was truly a chosen one!

next we have...Florence Levy
Silent Tears
     "Come, now let's dance the night away.  slippery feet sliding on the soft green grass tossing worries and fears in the air.  The roses in the garden grew up and the fragrance is so sweet.
Oh, how good it feels; those silent tears.
Beautiful written poem

next we  have Suzetta Perkins
Trouble Don't Last Always
Malika Price was a teacher  was accused of  molesting a student of hers by the child's [Justus]
and his mother Celeste Miller.
Arrested, tired and hung by a jury of people who populated the social media.
Malika soon learned that people can be so cruel! But Malika knew that God was with her and would see her through all of this mess and he did just that.

next we have ... Nicole Smith
write on subjects that would encourage singles in their walk with God.
Passion Fruit..
The Invitation...
Helen had been involved with Keith but not any more.  Now it seems like he wants to get back together.  This was a no for Helen.  She wanted nothing to do with Keith.
 Helen's friends .... Jennifer , Brian, Tammy  Now she meets Brian's cousin Anthony.
 Helen has a daughter Lori.  It looks like Helen as finally met someone nice...Anthony.  Will this last?  What will happen when Keith comes back around?  Will Anthony still be their for Helen?

and lastly... we have a beautiful poem by Florence Levey
Touched By Love
     'Take my hand and let me guide you further,
 my beloved  Oh, how great it is to be touched by his amazing grace.'

These have been some very well written 'God-given stories' that will keep your attention and leave you wanting more.


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