Never Moore: (All That & Moore Series Book 5) Kindle Edition by Celeste Granger


"He was her best friend. She was the girl of his dreams. 

Charity Moore is on the cusp of becoming the neurosurgeon she has always dreamed of becoming. As a student physician for world renowned Emory University Hospital, Charity demonstrates her intellectual prowess in the classroom and in the operating room. Charity has been plotting her course of becoming a surgeon for as long as she can remember. She plays by the rules, colors within the lines and does what is necessary to make her dreams come true. 

O’Shea Ali, is also a student physician at Emory Hospital. As the son of international industry giants, financial security has never been an issue. For O’Shea, becoming a neurosurgeon isn’t about prestige or financial gain. His desire stems from O’Shea’s passion to charter new medical territory and save lives. O’Shea lives his life passionately without restriction. He fights for what he believes in and is a fierce protector of the one’s he loves. That includes Charity. 

But emerging desire crosses the friendship line, catapulting Charity and O’Shea out of the friendship zone and into dangerous territory. Charity fears their new entanglement is risky and may cost her the very relationship she treasures most. While O’Shea’s unbridled yearnings for Charity become harder to contain, he doesn’t want to lose what they have in pursuit of what he craves."

The All That and Moore series follows each sister in the Moore family as they navigate through the entanglements romance brings. Each book can be enjoyed if read as a standalone or if it’s read in the order of the series.

Title: Never Moore
Author: Celeste Granger
Publisher: C.G.
Series: All That & Moore Series Book 5
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Never Moore" by Celeste Granger

My Rationalization.....

This was another beautiful story of a 'Moore' sister.' What will happen when Charity Moore decides to take a chance with her best friend [O'Shea Ali]? Could there be even more to this 'best friendship?' Truly O'Shea was their for Charity through it all. This is definitely one good captivating sweet romantic read that will keep you turning the pages to see what will be come next for these two as best friends. I love these two how they bantered with each other giving the story some funny lines. I loved how the Moore sisters were there for Charity giving her some good advice. In the end the story comes together so completely giving the reader a good romantic read. 


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