Love's Required (Love & Redemption Book 1) Kindle Edition by Aja


"Camille "Cami" Douglas doesn't have it all figured out. In fact, she is known for making a lot of mistakes in the name of living-it-up and following her free spirit, but this time she has bumped her head and broken her own heart in a way that has taken its toll. She's done.

Logan Graham, also known as "Angel" by fellow paramedics, has issues of his own, but his came from a 911 call he responded to months ago that still gives him nightmares and makes him avoid the people closest to him.

Two people, each broken apart by life's choices and circumstances, form a deep friendship because of one's need to be saved and the other's need to be hero.
Both have to learn to use LOVE to heal old wounds and to redeem their battered souls.

This is the first book in the Love & Redemption series however, I Am Yours will provide context into the cast of characters."

Title:  Love's Required
Author:  Aja
Publisher:  She Loves Words                    
Series:  Love & Redemption Book 1
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"Love's Required" by Aja

My Rationalization....

A good story of what can happen after there is a healing process as it was for Camille Douglas and Logan Graham.   Camille has gone through quite a bit after loosing her mother, dealing with with another issue and Logan dealing with something that had happened to him while working.  After meeting with one of their mutual friends at a wedding will anything come from this?  Well, it seems that after some time will these two be able to turn a friendship to love in this emotional ride and heartbreak that it seems like each one has.  In the end with their be trust and healing for these two?  Well, to get the jest of it all  you will have to pick up this good read 'Love's  Required' to see how it will all turn out for Camille and Logan.  


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