Mistletoe Magic

Title:  Mistletoe Magic
Author:  Melissa McClone
Published:  The Tule Publishing Group
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"Mistletoe Magic" by Melissa McClone was a very short sweet Christmas story that
once you start will be hard to put down until the end.  We find Caitlin is house sitting
for the Patterson family during the Christmastime.  While she is there Caitlin finds
a hurt kitten and takes it to the local vet where she find a 'old college flame' Noah who is
now the veterinarian.  Now, what will come of this?  As the story moves on we will see
that there may be feelings again between these two.  Will there be a second chance
between Caitlin and Noah and how does this 'Mistletoe Magic' plan into this read?  This
is where I say you much  pick up the wonderful read to find out.  You will find that
"Mistletoe Magic"  is one cute short read that will give you a happy ending that will make
you feel the Christmas spirit and magic.    Would I recommend?  Yes!



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