Right Before My Eyes II By: Michelle Robinson

Author:  Michelle Robinson
Published: Authorhouse
Age Recommended:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  4
Series: Right Before My Eyes

"Right Before My Eyes II" by Michelle Robinson was the second in this series by this author.  I must stay that this novel II picks up from the first one ...'Right Before My Eyes' and is a very captivating read.  To really understand this second novel, I would suggest you read the first novel first so you will have a clearer understanding to what is continuing on in the second one.  This author does a amazing good job at keeping you on the edge of your seat because there is so much going on...I had to reread some of it to make sure I got the right understanding of who was doing what at that time.  Wow!  You talking about drama, drama and more drama and in the end....YES, there will still be more drama.

The two main characters...the Bell  twins will keep you on your toes to what will be going on next... then  bring in Kalena,(Todd),  Chelsea, Najah, Drew, Chris, Jason  ...only naming a few of the group of characters and you have a amazing story.  Yes, a lot of what happens in "Right Before My Eyes II" is very relatable to true life...just knowing how to deal with it all was indeed another issue in this read. There are a lots of questions to be asked and answered...will Kalena be able to move on with her life, will Jordyn  grow up and take on her own responsibilities and keep her sister out of her mess? Will Journee finally have the one true happiness she has longed for with Drew? This and more answers will be revealed in" Right Before My Eyes II."  The descriptions of the 'bay area' and music that was played...can definitely brought back some sweet memories in the read.  Be prepared for many twist and turns of a book that will be  brought all out for the reader...remember this is about  life and issues  as it could happen...the good, bad and even the ugly of family members and long time  friends...leaving me to say to the author...WOW, that was some read.  There is so much more I would like to say about how this author wrote a well written script but I will not say too much more not wanting to give too much more away...but do  pick up the read and see for yourself how good this novel is.  I don't feel you will not be disappointed. 

Will there be another series from this author because I felt the ending was left a little  hanging?  I guess we will have to wait and see but if you are like me ... you will be found hoping so.  Would I recommend?  YES!

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