Betty and Veronica By Elena Aitken

Title:  Betty and Veronica
Author:  Elena Aitken
Publisher:  Ink Blot Communications
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Betty and Veronica" by Elena Aitken....

What was this short read about....

"In sickness and in health...that's what best friends are for, right?

When Addison announces she has breast cancer, her best friend Rori knows she'll do whatever it takes to see her through it. Because after all, what's Betty without her Veronica?"

***Please note, this is a short story, not a full length work of fiction.***

What I thought of this read....

This was a very good well written short story that did have a sad ending that can leave you quite sad.  This author was able to convey to the reader such a story that will touch you as you read through this story of "Betty and Veronica."  One thing is for sure you can't go by the book cover because this story shows the friendship of two women where we find one is healthy and one isn't.  This well written story that will touch you in many ways where you will find some humorous parts but then it brings you to a twist to deep sadness in the end.  I love how this author brought out the support given by a friend  that was so well brought out from the read. This is a easy read that can be read in one setting that will leave you with some thoughts long after the read. Would I recommend?  Yes, especially to a survivor, fighters of this disease, nurturers and helpers  and the rest of us who may  become one ...some day. 


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