Suicide Supper Club By: Rhett DeVane

Title:  Suicide Supper Club
Author:  Rhett DeVane
Publisher:  Writer4Higher
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Suicide Supper Club" by Rhett DeVane....

What was this novel about:

"Life is crap and the weather is stupid-hot: reasons enough for four small-town Southern women to plan "the easy way out." Abby has no husband, no children, no living kin, and a painful family secret. Loiscell is a two-time breast cancer survivor facing recurrence with dwindling faith and courage. Sheila is a meek abused wife hiding behind a religious, volunteer-queen veneer. Estranged from her only child, Caroline "Choo-choo" Ivey desperately misses her late husband. Sheila's husband, a correctional officer for a local prison, belongs to a clandestine paramilitary group. Glenn's drinking and deep-seated wounds from a cruel alcoholic father fuel his anger. Glenn meets Julius Herndon, known by his secret hunting club name of Clay, an ex-military man with a dangerous, criminal edge. As the relentless summer heat continues, conditions deteriorate for the women. Initially in jest, they propose group suicide: a nice meal, followed by a quick death courtesy of a paid assassin. Choo-choo offers to pay, and Sheila figures a way to enlist her husband to acquire a contact name. Plans go haywire when Clay trains Glenn for the hit. As an unexpected result, the four members of the Suicide Supper Club learn that death is a process not easily dictated by a selective act of will. Life, no matter how difficult, is a gift."

What I received from the read....

This was quite a interesting read of how this author puts together four woman in this small town who gathered at a restaurant to plan their own suicides. However, as each one of the ladies bond together in friendship and secrets  are unveiled will this 'Suicide Supper Club plan go off? This author really works it with the humor to end it all  that does come about from this suicide planning and its descriptive culture of this small southern town in the Florida. It was quite a interesting story of how this author was able to bring these women to life who lead very different lives, were of different ages as well as situations in life that each one had taking on 'the very real reason why people are driven to end it all.' 

I found the characters: Abby, Loiscell, Sheila and Choo-choo were all well rounded, well portrayed and believable which helped to bring this novel to life and  even maybe helping to understand  why the 'Suicide Supper Club?'  

What I really liked about this read?

When it's all said and done ...will each of these woman find a reason to live or will they take the easy way out....well this is when I say you must pick up "Suicide Supper Club" and see for yourself how this author brings it all out to the reader.  It will be a intriguing read that I would recommend.


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