Disconnected By J. Cafesin

Title:  Disconnected
Author:  J. Cafesin
Publisher:  Entropy Press
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Disconnected" by J. Cafesin ....

What was this novel about?

"Ever drank too much, ate too much, indulged in excess? Ever fall for someone you knew you shouldn't?

Rachel was an artist, an obsessive, straddling the line of addiction. She sought what most women did—to be successful, married and in love, have healthy kids. It was hard enough attracting a man when she wasn't heroin thin and perfectly chic like most L.A. women, sparkly but not too bright, as her mother insisted females need be. But in the 1990s, finding a man looking for an equal partner, wanting a woman beside him instead of behind him, seemed the impossible dream.

Then along came Lee…

Disconnected is an L.A. story, an addicting contemporary romance that never should have been, and like the city itself embodies a very sharp edge."

What I liked from this read....

All I can say is this author really told the reader quite a interesting story.  It was really interesting seeing how this author would bring it all out in this well written script.  It was really interesting how this author was able to incorporate the 'LA life....with the 'Rodney King' riots into this well detailed read.   The heroine (Rachel) was really committed to her stand...putting it out their just what she wanted in her life..."to be successful, married, in love, and have healthy kids."  Then Rachel meets Lee.  Will Lee be all that Rachel wants and needs in her life?  Was Rachel Lynn to have all of this and just when will she did she realize before its to late for her if this would even be for her?   The characters in this novel were all richly well developed, well portrayed, where each one seemed to come alive on the pages.  I did find Rachel's family quite a interesting bunch...the father, mother and sister.  I will say they were not my favorite characters.  I will say it took me a minute or two understanding Rachel Lynn thought patterns  but in the end I was able to  understand it more clearly.  Be ready for a read of a little of it all... romance, family relationships, drugs,  realism, and definitely self worth.  Now, I don't want to give away too much away other than say you must pick this read up and see how this author will bring it all out to the reader. 

What I especially liked about the read...

'Disconnected" was a  well captivating powerful story line and once you start reading it will be  hard to put down until the end.  In the end will Rachel will she be able to move on with her life alone
having a different mirror of herself...definitely disconnecting?  Again you will have to read it to see!


  1. From the author:
    Hi Arlena,
    Thanks very much for reading and your great review of Disconnected.It was a really hard book to write because it is so close to home.


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