The Heist By: Adriana Kraft

Title:  The Heist
Author:  Adriana Kraft
Publisher:  B & B Publication
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"The Heist" by Adriana Kraft ....

A heist? A murder? It’s villain’s choice.

"A special-order art theft? Tedious, but seamless – until small town museum director Kara Daniels calls in the experts. Furious her favorite trio of priceless impressionist paintings has been stolen from its traveling exhibit on her watch, Kara is determined to save not only the paintings, but her future in the art world. She’ll stop at nothing to entrap the thief.

Ted Springs knows the underbelly of the criminal world a little closer than he might like—but he’s turned it to good advantage, first as a police officer, and now as detective for the Upper Midwest Arts Council. His job? To guarantee the security of the valuable paintings in the Council’s traveling exhibits.

Heat sizzles when Ted and Kara collide—can they work together, before it’s too late?"

What I liked from the read....

"The Heist" was a good mystery along with some steamy hot sex that only this author always gives
so well to her readers.  This novel  is definitely one of those reads that once you start reading this story your attention will be keep you  turning the pages  to see what will happen next with the thief
of  'The Three Maids' paintings.   I liked this story line and the plot that the reader  will be presented at the beginning of the read of  just who the thieves are that stole the paintings. Then comes along the many twist and turns  until we get to the end of this story to see what happens with these paintings. I found the two main characters (Kara and Ted) very interesting people and by the end seemed to be made for each other as the sex scenes were very hot especially Kara's take charge in her sexual approach.   The secondary characters were also a  very interesting bunch of people where you will find them well developed, well portrayed, colorful and very believable presented ... such as ...Sasha and the Lawton's to name a few  that helped to give the reader a well thought out good story.  Not to give any more away about the read I would definitely recommend  you pick up and read "The Heist"  to see for yourself how well this author presents this well written novel to the readers. 


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